Think I Want a MaxiGlide

I won't be getting it anytime soon while it's warm out. But remember I was telling you all in my plan of action for the WL Hair Challenge that I was interested in possibly wearing my hair straight in the cool/cold months some? I think that it would help my hair in those months and it could stay better moisturized since the sebum could travel down my hair shafts more easily. I've heard great things about this flat iron from many naturals and am considering giving this one a try.

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I'm slowly getting over my "fear" of heat. I'm starting to see if you use it responsibly and don't abuse it/use it (meaning using it minimally and not at ridiculously high temperatures ie pressing, higher heat than necessary for your hair type, etc.), your chances of experiencing heat damage and to extreme degrees decreases tremendously. Notice I didn't say eliminate b/c there's always a chance. I wouldn't be straightening my hair 24/7 though.

No Heat Nazis, I don't want to hear from you all. Lol. Because, I know what risks are involved and the consequences I may suffer; I don't need to be reminded. To the kurlies who use heat responsibly/occassionally, what do you think? Have any of you tried the MaxiGlide flat iron? Is there another brand that you would recommend better?

Please weigh in!

Addition: I'm still on fence about purchasing one. If I were to buy this one or any other flat iron, I would only use it 2 times a year which, in some ways, makes me think I should just stick to rollersetting and silk wrapping (via airdrying (which takes forever the longer my hair gets) or indirect heat: hooded dryer ) my hair to straighten it. Lol. I don't know yet, ladies. We'll see what verdict I've come up with come the fall. Until then, let's enjoy summer!


I think I am with you on this one. I will be straightening more often in the colder months. My hair is just to dry and gets tangles and knots easily and I notice that when I straighten just a little, I don't have those issues. I, of course prefer my curls, but it's a little frustrating. Well, when you invest, let me know. I heard about another flat iron that is muey expensive but worth every penny...the name escapes me (chi??). Also, it depends on who presses your hair. My girlfriend has been pressing for years and her hair always reverts and when my mom used to do mine back in the day, there was no such thing as heat It's all this new technology.
MissBrandiss said…
No girl! Don't do it! Avoid it like the plague or else that HEAT will burn a hole in your hand while you're doing your hair!


I just got my MaxiglideMP in the mail on Saturday. I was so excited... like a kid on Christmas opening up the box. It comes with a how-to DVD, so I popped it in and was amazed!
I havent actually used it yet though, because the weather here is either humid or raining every couple of days.

I figured it might actually help me to stick with my natural hair... but thats a different story.
Unknown said…
I just rollerset and wrap my hair to achive the straight look. That way I;m able to retain moisture much longer. So long as I pay attention to my hair when using heat such as moisture, frequency of heat use, I'm usually ok.

I;m currently using a cheapie conair one which works great for the price.
Anonymous said…
I blow dry my hair once a week, and my hair is in good health and condition I never experienced heat damaged or dryness or brittle ends. I spray in my leave in dry my hair to 90% on cool air then proceed with heat to straighten it. The only flat Iron i used is the Hana professional, I also heard good things of the maxi glide especially because of the steam feature, it is suppose to help lock in moisture. Conair also has a flat iron with the steam feature that I am thinking of getting as well.
Jc said…
I actually gave up all my heat tools because of you lol.

Honestly my hair has thanked me for it. I do not ever envision myself ever using heat again.

In my view it is ok to apply heat occassionally but that means once every 3-4 months in my book.

Heat is damaging to hair so it is not a way to maintain hair. I actually think relaxing is much better than heat straightening.
Milan said…
Thanks for weighing in ladies. Brandiss lemme know how you like the maxiglide. If you're interested, maybe you could share a product review for it on here. :D

Jc: Yes, I know! Lol. Again, you natural vets never talk about how as time goes on as a natural your views on things like heat n stuff can go through changes! I used to be such a "no heat" fanatic. And now look at me, contemplating buying a flat iron again. Lol. I definitely wouldn't be straightening this way very often at all; only 2 times per year and would resort to rollersets and silk wrapping to straighten any other time.

Marsha: My hair is the same way. It thrives when I keep it stretched. It doesn't tangle nearly as much and it seems to hold on to more moisture this way. I'm still on the fence though. We'll see.
Unknown said…
well I just attempted to straighten my hair with rollersets and it was a straight up hot MESS. I followed up with a flat iron (cheap, generic) and my hair just looked like I combed out my fro...and nothing else. I will say though that it felt better. I could brush my hair (dry) and not pull out half my hair. With that long intro...I do want to purchase a good flat iron and have had this in the back of my mind for a while. I have heard awesome testimonials from 2 women who are natural and do not use direct heat regularly.
I LOVE MY MAXIGLIDE!!! Got it in 2005 and neva looked back.
Milan said…
Dani, you are the reason why I originally wanted one! :D
Nomadic Nikki said…
I've always used a Chi iron, but have been thinking about investing in the Maxiglide as well. I'm definitely not opposed to flat ironing WITH CAUTION. I haven't experienced heat damage, so I'd say go for it!!!