Twists and Cornrows Up-Do

I'm determined to get good at cornrowing this summer. I understand how to cornrow but just need to work on perfecting my technique. I was playing around the other day as part of my practice to master it and came up with the hairstyle below.


This style started out as me wanting to braid it into a fro-hawk and have fun manipulating the loose hair different ways like twists, twist out, braid out, flexi rod set. I wanted to cornrow the sides straight back but had some difficulty so I just braided the sides going down instead. Then, I decided it would look cute if I twisted the loose hair in the front so I used my shealoe cream and tiny twisted the front and (moisturized with my SMCHM aka Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus (Curl & Style) Milk) pinned the rest up. That's it. I'm all about simple and chic hairstyles. Cornrow experts, I know you all could freak this style idea.

Left Side

I started on the right side so those braids aren't as nice. By the time I got to the left side, I was more "warmed up" so they came out a little better looking.

The cornrows are decent enough. If they were good like the pros, I could leave them in for up to 2 weeks. I will keep practicing. They're so fuzzy. How do I get them to look neater and not to look fuzzy? Do I need to use gel or something else to avoid this? Cornrow wizzes, please share tips!

Right Side- See how it not as nice as the left side?


Anonymous said…
When u braid it, so that it will be close to the scalp, each time u cross the hair you pull the hair. But don't pull it too tight.
Unknown said…
The earrings are gorgeous. I have the same issues with cornrowing, the fuzz. I also need to be more patient as to not get tangles and rip my hair out at times. I guess practice makes perfect.

maybe practicing more often on someone else may help
Sheila said…
This hairstyle will def. be stolen in some way : ), lol. Such a great styling idea!!! Love that first pic-nice lip color. I had a tweaked version of your style, check it out: (I can't braid to save my life, btw, lol)
Sheila said…
ooops, I apologize for linking to fotki, just read your post about how it gives you viruses!
Skeeta said…
this is a cute idea! to get them neater you should grab the hair tighter and grab very small sections as your work down, this will add more braid loops and make them tighter. I don't think gel is necessary, although some people use it.;o)
Milan said…
Thanks ladies and thanks for the tips. I will take them into account the next time I practice. I'm going to keep it, I'm determined! Lol.

It's ok Sheila, I checked it out but got off right after I viewed the pic. Lol. Looks fab. Oh and steal away! Just wait till I get better, I'll be seriously ROCKING this style OUT!
Chrissystina said…
Get rid of fuzz by braiding your hair wet or damp with a DAB of oil. The shine will be ridiculous.
Trudie Boe said…
Love ur's growing beautifully!!!