Updates on the Oil Cleansing Method

Ladies, I wanted to give a quick tip about the OCM. I've found that you don't have to use the castor oil/EVOO (or sunflower seed oil) blend that http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/ recommends to receive the great results.

Try whatever oil you like till you get the best results.

I shared with you all in another post that I now use grapeseed oil for this method and I receive nothing less than stellar results. This oil makes my face feel waaaay better, smoother and softer than castor oil and EVOO blend did.

So experiment. I could see how coconut oil would be a good one. Tracey from KISS Network uses sweet almond oil with great results (she even got her hubby to start doing it. Lol.). Or try a diff blend like oilicoco (EVOO and coconut) oil or avococo (avocado and coconut) oil for example.

This method can benefit all skin types and save you so much money and time in your skin care routine. Happy oil cleansing!


Unknown said…
I've been reading about this all week. But did not want to use castor oil. I thought it would be too heavy, I may try sweet almond oil with evoo or coconut. Thanks!
Candice said…
I've always used the EVOO/castor oil mix with good results but, I have been thinking about using coconut oil or grapeseed oil for a while now.

I'm so scared my skin will react negatively though :-/
Da Jadedpoet said…
Castor oil really is drying! Its weird! I tried it alone on my eyes to take off some eye makeup, after I wiped it off my eyes were actually dry! I used a little heat to but wow. I will try out avocado with castor oil but my current skincare routine is actually pretty moisturizing so I may run into problems with the OCM. :-( *but I want these blackheads gone!! LOL* How often do you do your method, I may try it twice a week and exfoliate or use a mask inbetween. *bentonite clay mask w/ACV*
I use the castor oil/EVOO mix and I love it. My skin is naturally oily from the start so its not anywhere dry when I'm finished. Coconut oil is a big moisturizer and thats something I don't need for my skin, Grapeseed oil is harder to find and sometimes more expensive so I'll be sticking to the castor oil/EVOO.

You have to pick the oil that is best for your skin type. In the oil cleansing method the measurements are different if you have oily vs dry/combination skin.
Milan said…
Thanks for chiming in ladies. Yes, you must do what works best for you and find the oil/combo that works best for you. I just wanted to let people know that you aren't limited to just the castor-evoo combo b/c everyone's reacts to different things differently.

I luv castor oil for my hair and body but my face is eh about it. I found that the castor oil in the mix slowly started drying my skin out even when I lowered the amount than recommended for my oily skin and still. It's just too thick (and drying) for my face. I do have oily lids though so maybe I'll use it on there. Lol.

Grapeseed oil is the best for my face and I couldn't be happier.
Balls Of Beauty said…
my mix is castor n evoo too; and i moisturize w/coconut afterwards. avocado is GREAT on my face cuz its nice n thick, i may start using combo's cuz my face cant go wrong w/oils; avocado n something light...hmmm???
Loo said…
I've been hearing so much about the OCM but have yet to try it. Will definitely refer back to this when I'm ready! Thanks for sharing.
Marcy said…
I use coconut oil but I'm a little worried about the summer and the sun. I know sunscreen is supposed to be used year-round but since I've started using oils on my face/body I've neglected that. Does that concern you? Do you think you'll incorporate it into your regimen?
Anonymous said…
i use just evoo at night for a deep clease and actually emulsify shea butter in my hands in the morning for a "butter cleanse"? the hot cloth leaves just the right amount of moisture, no greasines, and glowy skin!
Unknown said…
I do a grapeseed / avocado oil combo; that seems to sit best on my skin. It gives me time to massage away the blackheads. Found them both in the cooking oil aisle of the grocery store. I've tried sweet almond oil in the past and found it absorbs too quickly into the skin to be an effective cleanser, so I've switched from using it on my face to using it as a moisturizer on my hands!