Accessories That Can Mac: Tomoka's Twists

It's my pleasure to highlight Tomoka's Twists on here. These awesome, hand crafted accessories are one of a kind and are sure to receive compliments and inquisition.

Carmen, the creator and owner, describes Tomoka's Twists as functional and fashionable hair accessories that are designed for highly textured hair. They are adjustable, flexible, and comfortable. Her goal is to bring women beautiful, hand-crafted items that are affordable and unique.

When asked, "What kind of woman wears Tomoka's Twists?", she had this to say: I have been fortunate to get to know some of my customers. The women have always been stylish from elegant to electric. It takes a proud woman, aware of herself to wear naturally curly, kinky hair and I am proud when they choose Tomoka's Twists to accessories their fluffy puffs and long locks.

I wanna try one of these twists! If you do too and want to see what other styles she has, visit her website:  Thank you again, Carmen, for giving me the pleasure of featuring your creations. :D

She also makes jewelry too. I think these are so cute:


Unknown said…
interesting and cute.

How do you wear the twists?