Alicia Key's Up-Do WestNDN Style

If you aren't subscribed to wWestNDNBeautyy's YouTube channel, you need to be! Check out her interpretation of one of Alicia's up-do styles below:

I don't know if my french braid would be that long with my hair in its natural state just yet. I may wait till I straighten my hair again (which won't be till sometime this fall) to try it.

This is def inspiring me to play around with different french braid hairstyles on my hair right now though. I suck at cornrowing still but I can french braid well. Go with what ya do best, right? If I come up with anything cute, you know I'll share. :D

You guys should try this style. It's so pretty!


MissBrandiss said…
I saw that vid the other day and thought it was really cute. But I can cornrow or french braid! lol So I will have to come up with some other kind of alternative.
Keebo said…
Why wait? Bulk hair that sucker!
MissBrandiss said…
Oops! I meant to say that I CAN'T cornrow or french braid!
Tamia said…
That is HOT. And I'm 99% sure I couldn't do it if I tried for 20 years.
Good inspiration, though! I have a few ideas now...