Kurly Girl Directory: Sunshower143

Her hair and vids are awesome. I've known her from LHCF for a while now but didn't know till recently that she had a Youtube channel. I adore her channel b/c she luvs up-do's like I do and has some great style tutorials for them. Most are easy and quick to re-create for all you ladies that are style challenged or just like to keep it simple. The tutorial below has become one of my favorite up-do's this summer. You can do it on either loose, two (or three) strand twisted, or loc'd tresses. Enjoy.

See all of her videos on her channel: www.YouTube.com/Sunshower143


Jc said…
This is such a great video. I am going to make sure that I make a part in the next set of box braids that I do so I can try this style.
Milan said…
I know, it's so pretty, right? So perfect for this summer heat when you don't want your hair touching your face and neck. Looked a hot mess on me when I tried to do this with twists. Either my hair is long enough yet or it's just not thick enough but it wasn't the business. Lol.