Reader Questions: Henna Gloss Experiences

*Chandra writes:

I've been natural for 9 full months, going into my 10th month. I was interested in your henna gloss experiences. Have you ever tried cassia? With Nupur, is it the henna that deposits a tint? 

A) I like glosses b/c they rinse out easier and I still get the same benefits as doing a full henna treatment: smooth strands, strong yet soft feeling hair, great curl definition and decreased shedding. You can read about all my henna adventures by CLICKING HERE.

I have never tried cassia. If you want more insight on that check out my girl, KinkyKurlyQueen's blog: . She uses cassia and has had great experiences with it.

Henna doesn't deposit a tint. A tint is a color that has had white added to it: example, pink is a tint of red. Henna will deposit a color in the red to orange family; it depends on the brand and where the plant was grown. No matter the brand of henna, they all deposit color. The natural color of your hair will determine how much, if any, of it you see. If you have dark brown to black hair, henna won't change the color of your hair. CurlyNikki, another henna user, gave a great analogy once. She likened it to using a red crayon (which would be the henna) on a piece of black construction paper (which would be your dark brown to black color hair). It doesn't change the color but under light, you can see a little bit of it. All this to say, if you have dark hair, no need to worry about color changes b/c you really won't get any. Now if your hair is light brown or lighter then you may want to think about some things.

Henna for Hair has tons of information and is my reference for all things henna of choice. I recommend anyone new to henna (or cassia) visit this site, download and read the free e-book (it's a quick and easy yet thorough read) they have and check out their forum. Tons of henna vets are there to help and exchange ideas, recipes, and information.

Hope this was helpful.

If you ladies have any additional insight for her, chime in!