Summer Face #2: Red Lips

So I was just sharing what my summer face has been and now I'm changing it up again! I also luv rocking a red lip. It instantly glams up your look without having to do little else to your face.

Red lip. Brows done. Mascara. You're good to go and look pulled together. I'll forever be a gloss girl. I have lips that dry out easily if I'm not on top of my game. Not only do most lipsticks dry them out even more but it then accentuates how dry my lips are. One of my fav red glosses is NYX l/g in Plush Red. It's so pigmented; like that of a lipstick. I'll touch up during the day with N.Y.C.Extreme Lip Glider l/g in Big Apple Red. I liken the latter to Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses but at a lower price point: at drugstores for just under $4 each.

I add eye liner to this line up but when I'm feeling lazy, I don't wear any. I usually wear dark brown, black, or navy blue liner with red lips.

I have a feeling come fall, I'll be obsessed with having a plum/berry lip. ;D


Da Jadedpoet said…
You've learned my secret LOL. Filled in brows and red lipstick usually a black cherry. Never need more! :-) Very cute pic chica!

I recently got into concealer and mascara though I can go without it but it seems to brighten my face in a way and per-fect a look. d
svrbrownsuga said…
you look great girlie! I like red lips, some think its a no no but I think its a go ;D
Tiffany said…
u r pulling off that red lip, perfect hue for u.
You are adorable.
Love the lips.

That's all