Boss Hair Essentialz

Made for us and by us: buy black (that is of good quality, of course). One of my K-I-S-S Network buddies, Michelle aka Boss Lady, came out with her own body/hair care line this summer: Boss Hair Essentialz.

Hair and Skin Butters:

I tried them in the following scents: Chocolate Dreamz, Vanilla Nut, and Mad 4 Mango. I wasn't crazy about the vanilla nut scent; it was too strong for me. The mad 4 mango has a light scent that's nice. My favorite was chocolate dreamz. I'm weird but I luv smelling good enough to eat. The consistency of them is very rich, thick and creamy. The Mad 4 Mango is mango butter based and lighter than the other two which are shea butter based. All three are easily spreadible for a smooth application. A little goes a long way with these butters. It's always best to start off with less than you think you'll need and then you can always build on it if you feel you need a little more.

Now as you all know, my hair doesn't care for butters, but if you have thirsty hair and/or hair that luvs butters, then these are for you. Since they are too heavy for my hair, I use them on my body. My skin is always left incredibly soft and smooth. As soon as I get out of the shower, I apply the butter to my skin dripping wet. That way, the moisture is sealed into my skin and left uber soft. I also tried adding some of the butters to some of my favorite conditioners for added conditioning benefits with success. My hair was left feeling super soft, smooth, and the tangles melted away making detangling a delightful experience. Try adding them to your favorite conditioners or a cheapie one to give it some oomph.

Coconut Snap Back Jello:

smells like bubble gum, yall. I luv the scent. This product is shea butter based and has a lot of aloe vera gel in it. I really liked that b/c I luv aloe vera gel. This is too heavy to be applied to my hair daily but I like it to set my two strand twists with for a twist outs. The results are nothing less than pretty. With this product, I can rock a twist out set all week; this gives good hold. My hair stays soft and retains moisture VERY well; so well that I don't have to re-moisturize my hair the whole week (it doesn't dry out!). Score. Again, this is a rich product so be careful not to be heavy handed with it. A little goes a long way and gives results.

All of these products are made up of great ingredients that are natural including, but not limited to: coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, aloe vera gel, and avocado oil. They do have glycerin in them for those that are glycerin sensitive. I will say, as a person who's hair only tolerates glycerin in small doses, the glycerin is towards the bottom of the ingredient list ( like the last 3 or 4 listed) so you should be ok.

So check out Boss Hair Essentialz, kurlies at  Her prices are very reasonable/affordable. Michelle is also in the process of adding more goodies to the shop in the near future like shampoos, leave in conditioners, and temple balms.

For all the latest updates, stay connected with BHE via:
Twitter: @bosshairz

Thank you again, Michelle, for reaching out to me and letting me test out your products. I wish you much success! :D

Disclosure: These products were sent to me free of charge to try and share my HONEST opinion. Rather I pay for a product or it is given to me for free, the integrity of a review will not be compromised.