Coloring My Hair

I was able to pirate some internet till mine gets fixed. Hmm.... Lol. You know what I'm thinking, don't you, b/c you'd be thinking the same thing. Haha. So I'll have mega updates coming up. But anyways,

I'm seriously considering coloring my hair and have started doing some research. If you follow me on twitter, than you know I was inspired by a kurlie with a pretty, blonde fro at a cook out I was at a few weekends back. I'm looking at colors in the red family; a red with brown in it.

I've never colored my hair before so this should be fun. I think I'm going to get my feet wet and just dye a part in the front to see how I like it. If I like it, I may go ahead and dye my whole head or maybe like the top and leave the bottom part my natural color.

I'm looking for "natural"/eco-friendly 'esque hair dyes. You all know of any that fit this bill? Do share. More updates to come on this.


Hey there Natural,

I think coloring your hair is a good way to spice things up. I can tell you my solution, it's kinda funny but here goes:
Get a spray bottle and put peroxide in the bottle. Spray on hair and wala! Depending on your hair color before the application will depend on your results. Just a thought, good luck!!!
Alice said…
I don't think you'll find anything that can take you to blonde that's eco-friendly. Cruelty free maybe, but definitely not eco-friendly.

Red with brown? HENNA. Plant based, found in most Indian stores for cheap and pretty eco-friendly to my knowledge. I don't know how it's harvested though which can make it eco/human-unfriendly.

Milan said…
Hey Alice: I use henna now but it doesn't color my hair because it's too dark.

Hey Patrice: I've never heard that method before. Lol. So this method works for you? What kind of results do you get from it? It sounds like it could be drying, no? But then again, coloring your hair can be drying. Lol.
Ardourliene said…
I can understand the urge... just stay away from box dyes... Henna is the only "natural/eco friendly one. i'd say.. but the color takes ages to show up before you'd see "color" it all depends on ur natural shade.. Looking forward to see ur outcome...
kenda said…
i've been thinking about colorin gmy hair too, but i'm also kind of scared to do it. i don't know. maybe one of these days i'll take the plunge.
♥ RawGlam ♥ said…
Hi, I love your coils. I was just wondering if you would still consider yourself to be a "natural" after coloring your hair.

I'm asking because I was recently on one of the hair forums and there was a very interesting debate going on about naturals who "color" their hair.

Lots of the women were saying if you "change" your natural hair color, that puts you in the same category as ppl who relax their hair because you are "chemically altering" your hair.

I know you can only speak for yourself, which is why I really admire your personal opinion since you are a natural who is considering the color change.
S. said…
I've gotten my hair colored at Aveda and am a convert! The color did not damage my hair. I have a few gray strands and unlike the box colors, Paul Mitchell etc., Aveda's hair dye coats the hair from the roots to the tips. Four months later and the only gray I have is new growth. I've dyed my hair relaxed and natural at home and at the salon and Aveda is by far the best. I experienced a slight loosening of my curl and it reverted after a few washes. If you are considering color, try Aveda.

By the way...I am now natural. My one year anniversary is 7/15. I transitioned for 8 months and BC'd with about 2 inches. I cut my hair this month. Flat ironed it was 6.5 inches or between SL and BSL. It is shaved in the back and a bob in front. It has been colored 3 times since I've BC'd. I keep it conditioned and haven't had a problem. It is med. brown with caramel highlights. I am mostly 4a with a bit of 3c thrown in! Hope this helps.
Milan said…
Yes, we probably were reading the same discussion from the same forum. Lol. I think the "heirarchy of naturalness" some self righteous naturals have created is a bunch of BS and it achieves absolutely nothing. What's the point? As long as a relaxer or perm hasn't touched your head, you are a natural. People take things to the extremes and too literally. It really could be just hair if we let it be. End rant. Lol.
ceceUNedited said…
Ive been considering color too please post when you have decided what you are getting and where
Sabrina said…
Well you can try Rinses example: Jazzing by Clairol, Kiss N Tell both of these contain no ammonia n perioxide. Garnier Herbal Essence is pretty good as well.
A Simple Thing said…
I want to colour my hair too - though not as discreet a colour. I want purple streaks in my hair, but all the information I've found about colouring the hair is really confusing, and it seems that if you want a colour that henna can't give you, you'll have to try box colours. I tried a brand called 'Naturtint' but it didn't really work on my hair because it's so dark.
Good luck though and please post your progress!