Dangerous Hairstyles Comin Up

Lately, I've just been wearing my hair out in curly fro's, twist outs and braid outs. It's been so wonderful. But now it's getting too dern hot and humid for all this hair to be out, blowing in my face and touching my (sweaty) neck- ugh. I need some cute up-do's in my life right about now to keep me cute and cool in this sweltering New York City heat (and everywhere else apparently). I going to start trying out some of the dangerous (this is my made up slang for something that's dope, ill, bad, you get it.) up-do styles I've been seeing around on YouTube, different sites, and out on the street lately. They've got me feeling super inspired and creative.

Besides, these up-do styles will be great for the upcoming cold months too since I'll more than likely be wearing my hair up a heck of a lot more, if not most of the time. It's better I start trying out styles now so I'll have an idea of which ones to rock when the time comes. (Plus I plan to be wearing a lot of styles involving french braids and while I know how to french braid, I'm rusty. I need to start practicing now so that they're flawless by the fall.)

You will be seeing a lot of hairstyle posts in the near, near future. Git ready kurlies!!!!!!!!  :D


Anonymous said…
There is a DOPE video on Curlynikki right now actually on a up-do.
I have kinky twists in so i did it with the twists but i think you'll like it.
Yvette said…
I was just going to post the same thing about the vid on curlynikki's site lOl. Also, mahoganyknots has some vids of cute updos with flat twists/cornrows, etc.
The Naturalista said…
I really like the idea of "dangerous" hairstyles. haha I appreciate the fresh & dope styles.