Hairstyles: Classic Up-Do a la MsVaughn

As talked about, I've gotten to styling. My key focus is styles that are easy/simple to create and keep those ends tucked away, out of my face (mostly) and off my neck. I also like for them to require minimal manipulation but if they do require it, then in turn I'm not required to manipulate my hair again for at least another couple days.

I was on one of my favorite natural hair sites, CurlyNikki, recently when I saw the tutorial for this cute 'do by YouTuber, MsVaughn. It was simple, chic, took less than 15 mins to create and of course it is dangerous!. All you need are a few hair pins. That's it. I felt like Shinghai Shinowa from The Noisettes. That's a gooooood thing. :D

I had washed my hair the night before and had braided it to stretch it (but you can do this on old hair too). I then added some hair milk (I'm testing out a brand (not of my own) and can't share with you yet!) to each section and sealed with a little coconut oil before combing each section out. I then proceeded how MsVaughn did to create the look. Super easy. Super chic.


Anonymous said…
that look is hot!
beuluv said…
I'm taking this as a sign that I need to try this. I just saw a tut on this over at curly nikki and know your rocking it. It looks great.
Unknown said…
Looking great! I saw the video as well, but have yet to learn how to braid like that =( maybe I'll tweak it a bit to see how I can do w/out the braid...we'll see! Love it though!