I Can't Wait....Kurly Inspiration

This WILL be my hair's bad ass'ness in the (near) future; in its own right, of course. I'm claiming it. :D I'm diggin those shoes too. I luv red shoes.


vonnie said…
that hair is awesome! i want it too
Veronica said…
this is the hairspiration site of teh centurt!!! Go naturals!!! :-)
Tiffany said…
they really have some great photos. truly inspiring.
Thanks for introducing me to this tumblr blog (I won't repeat the name LOL). This picture is GORGEOUS.
I love it too! Sadly I got my hair "trimmed" today and honestly there was more hair on the floor than on my head when she was finished. Sad about it, but moving on...this will be me in the future too...just longer than I anticipated. :(
Todra Payne said…
I am drooling over her hair. Mine grows so slowly.

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