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This past Sunday, The Naturalista Files dragged me out to Brooklyn spontaneously for the Loving Your Hair With Natural Care workshop at Karen's Body Beautiful boutique. The keynote speaker was, natural hair specialist and celebrity hair stylist, Felicia Leatherwood. She does the fabulous, Jill Scott's hair too. Remember one of Jill's recent do's that everyone was raving over?

Photo Credits: Thirsty Roots

Yeah, Felicia was responsible for that. Lol. She was soo upbeat, encouraging, down to earth and answered everyone's questions. She shared a lot of great information and I was diggin her hair color big time- giving me yet another push to color mine. She talked about everything from trimming your hair, color, daily maintenance, using heat (sensibly), locs and loc maintenance, working out and your hair, etc. Whatever questions you may have had about hair, she answered. I like that she said repeatedly, not everything is for everybody. She really stressed listening to your hair and that will dictate what you do to it and how you care for it. I luv'd that b/c I stand behind this point so passionately. Do what works for you. Your hair will tell you what it likes, dislikes, and what it needs.

Felicia did some mini hair make overs at the end of the workshop. This looks like the Roll & Tuck Fro Hawk , right?

Karen, one of the owners (the other owner is her husband), spoke at the end and shared the background of the company and how it came to be. She also talked about the products and shared what's new with them: like how some of the products have been renamed to give them some added pizazz. The coveted hair milk has been renamed as the sweet ambrosia and the hair butter is now called butta love. The packaging got a super sleek make over too. You could tell when she was speaking that she is genuinely passionate about this and takes pride in her products. It's always refreshing to see the creators of products and/or services genuinely passionate about what they offer.

Karen Tappin Sanderson of Karen's Body Beautiful talking about their products. I thought her fro was so haute.

It was great to connect with all the kinky curly beauties and talk about what else, hair! After meeting so many fly ladies there, I realized that I need yet another set of cards with just my blog and YouTube information on it. I left feeling inspired and reminded why I luv our hair the way it naturally grows out of our scalp so much.

My camera battery was on the brink of dying so I only got to snap a few photos so outside of the Jill Scott pic, these photos are courtesy of Monique from Cotton Kinks & Coils (lookout for the feature on her coming soon!). She's doing awesome things so go visit her! Thanks for letting me share some of your photos on here! CLICK HERE to see the rest of the pics she snapped of the event.

Learn more about Karen's Body Beautiful
Facebook: KarensBodyBeautiful
Twitter: @karensbeautiful

Learn more about Felicia Leatherwood
Facebook: LovingYourHairWithNaturalCareWorkshops
Twitter: @lovingyourhair

PS (If you're diggin my outfit and wanted more details on it, check out my creative blog: StyLn N ProfyLn)


LaNeshe said…
Looks like it was a cool and informative event.
Unknown said…
Jill's hair looked fabulous. Lovely event the french braid is gorgeous too.
Amina said…
how amaaaazing!! thank you for sharing with us the event :)
Mae said…
Thanks for sharing! Seems like it was a fun event!
Bleu said…
I love your romper. So cute.
Brown Babe said…
Hey I was there, though I don't remember seeing or recognizing you. It was awesome being in a room filled to the max with beautiful women loving their natural hawtness!!!
The Naturalista said…
That event was so much fun!! I wanna drag you out to more of these!! Plus, your outfit was fiyah!!