My Hair: Fro'th of July

Maaaad late, I know, but better late (and still in the month of July) than never right? So I rocked my fro for the 4th. This was a 2 or 3 day old braid out.

A few days before the day approached, I conditioned and cleansed my hair. I then used Shea Moisture Conditioning Milk as a leave in and set my hair in braids with Eco-Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel. To keep it stretched at the roots, I loosely banded it in 3 pigtails (2 in the front and 1 in the back) every night before bed. If my hair felt dry, I lightly added some SHCM to my hair to soften and moisturize. I think I'm going to do a post on how to maintain a braid out using banding. I liked the technique, it worked really well.

My overall thoughts on using the Eco for setting my hair: I probably won't do that again. While it did give good hold and definition, it really started to dry my hair out over time. Maybe I needed a richer leave in underneath but after a while I didn't like how my hair felt. My hair never felt hard or crunchy though. You could touch it and not be weirded or grossed out but, eh..... I just like my hair to feel a certain kind of way, even if it gives hold, and I didn't like how this felt after a while. I dunno. It looked good and all and everyone thought it was fine. It's just me. Lol. So maybe I'll try it again but with a richer moisturizer and see how that fares. #hairexperiments

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1xellus1 said…
Loves it! Thanks for sharing
~EssenseVibez~ said…
it turned out beautiful--i too, use ECO GEL and it left my haiur feeling the same way--i think the next time i use it, i will dampen it and see how it turned out then--i also participated on FRO'DAY--here is my link to my blog so you can see it"

i'm also a member of NATURAL SUNSHINE:

naturallady said…
Cute, your hair has grown a lot. I tried using a little eco styler on twists for a twist out one time, and I agree it is not a good product when used that way. Have you ever tried Jessicurl Confident Styling Solution? So far I haven't tried anything else that gives me as good as a twist out as that product does, I need to order some more.
Todra Payne said…
Hey girl,

It's been a while. Your hair looks awesome. It's growing so much.

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Also, I'll be in NYC next week on a makeup job. Want to hang out one evening for dinner or a drink? email me and I'll give you my cell.
Milan said…
Todra! Yes, it has been a while. That sounds so coo. I will def check out the website and I will def be shooting you an email; I would love to hang out with you. :D