On The Wish List: Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer

Photo Credit: Bee Mine

My hair luvs lotions and creams (it hates butters. I can only use them to seal my very ends with but I'm learning that mixing butters with your favorite conditioner makes a dope conditioner even doper!). A cream might be too much in all this heat but come fall and winter, I think it will be just what the doctor ordered to help my hair retain moisture and not dry out horribly like it tried last winter (you all that followed me back then know. Me and my hair were at war! Lol.). Has anyone tried this? The ingredients look fab so I'm interested in giving it a whirl. The 8 oz size is $18, but I imagine it will last for a while. I hear such great things about this line. I remember when the line started out it was just a growth serum. I bought it but quickly learned my scalp doesn't like anything on it so it's wasn't a match for me. I was mad too b/c so many other people luv'd it and I wanted to luv it too. Oh well. Lol.  #youliveandyoulearn

Check out the site to see all the products: http://www.beemineproducts.com/
They have everything: shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, butters, etc. and the products contain over 80% natural ingredients too. That never hurts.

If you're a member of KISS Network, there's a coupon code you can use to get 10% off your order. I know I'll be using it when I make this purchase in the fall. :D


Unknown said…
once I get rid of my products I may give bee mine a whirl. I hear somuch great stuff about it.
Amy Irvin said…
i just got this moisturizer in the mail yesterday and it is so fabulous! though being that i've only used it once i can't give a definite review. but it's light and creamy and smells like lemons. i'll try it on damp hair soon.
Anonymous said…
I live for this product. This stuff is the best thing I've put in my hair since I let my relaxed ends go. It keeps my hair moisturized but not greasy. The scent is light and not harsh. A little goes a long way so your 8 oz will last quite a while. I love it so much that I got the 16 oz. The Avocado Cream Conditioner is a great product as well. You should definitely give this product a try!
Unknown said…
Absolutely LOVE this product! This is def one of my staples from her line; leaves my hair moisturized and soft w/just enough shine. The smell is fab, but not overpowering and it lasts a while since you do not have to be heavy-handed w/this product. I'll probably buy the 16 oz. size very soon, before my 8 oz. runs out.