Product Review: Jheri Redding 100% Natural Protein Conditioner

Note. If a product was given to me free of charge to try, there will be a disclosure at the end of the post from now on. If you see no disclosure, then I bought with my own dough. Onto the review......

I first learned of this product from my girl, JadedPoet. On one of my posts a while back she commented that she liked this one for a protein conditioner. Well, fast forward eons later and I've finally gotten around to trying it. For a while, about a year, I was on a "no commercial conditioner" tip. This worked out fine for me but I now find myself using conditioner more occassionally (It's still nice to know that I don't really need it and that oil mixed with aloe vera gel works all the same for me.) because, well, I feel like it. Lol.

You know my reviews are straight forward and to the point so let's gooooo. I am diggin this stuff.

Although it smells like soy sauce (seriously! I think it does! Watch, you'll see when you try it for yourself) it:
  1. Doesn't harden or dry my hair out like usual protein conditioners have a tendency to do: there was no need for me to follow up with anything extra outside of my usual leave in conditioner
  2. Provides excellent definition: MY KOILS WERE POPPIN BIG TIME
  3. Smooths the hairs' cuticles: the ACV in this I'm sure plays a part in that
  4. [the soy sauce smell] doesn't linger. Once you've rinsed it out your hair, you can't smell it anymore
  5. Has simple, natural ingredients (listed in the order stated on the bottle): Water, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Sodium Chloride (that's salt), Apple Cider Vinegar
Consistency: It's a straight up, liquid, so I put it in a spray bottle and applied it to my hair like that. It's a dark liquid (looks like soy sauce) so use care when applying because it will probably stain light colored things, walls, clothing, you catch my drift.

I'm learning/realizing that companies don't write these instructions for sport. You usually (notice I didn't say all the time) do get the best results from a product if you use it how its been advised by the manufacturer. A lot of the reasons why we get whack results from products is because we don't follow the directions. The directions said for conditioning: to wash your hair, apply to damp hair, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse well and style as desired. So that's exactly what I did (I pre-poo'd with Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner bc I normally condition my hair before I wash it). I plan to use this once a month.

I purchased mine at a BSS. If you live in NYC, I got it from Beauty 35 in Manhattan located at 35th (St.) and 8th (Ave.). (I really go out of my way not to give the Koreans my money but that BSS right there is some of my crack. Lol. Damn near everything is in there. Black BSS owners get on/surpass their level, please!) It was $5.

More product reviews coming up: Boss Hair Essentialz products, ORS Lock & Twist Gel, Trader Joes Nourish Spa Conditoner, n more!


Da Jadedpoet said…
Whoop Whoop girl I told you this was the truth LOL. Its cheap and the only thing I don't like is how watery it is, it gets messy! I tried to tell you it smells like soy sauce. I was afraid to walk by asian resturants and have Ming Lee chase me down with some chopsticks LOL
MiMi said…
Hey Lady,
I have been looking for a protein treatment that won't weigh my hair down; this sounds like it will do the trick. It kinda reminds me of the Bragg liquid amino acids that is featured in the CherryLola treatment.
Also, I am with you on not giving the Koreans my $$ - I go out of my way to do so. I mean, I know they are a small business like so many others out there but I just want to give Black-owned BSSs my $$.
SummerRuby said…
Side-eye @ both of the above comments.