Quick Beauty Tip: Exfoliate Those Lips

Lips need exfoliating too! If you are prone to dry lips, like I am, then this tip could help you out a lot. I'm going to share with you a simple and cheap recipe to keep those puckers soft and smooth.

DIY Lip Exfoliant Recipe:

1) White or brown sugar
2) Oil of choice: preferably an edible one

    You can put a little oil on your lips first and then add a lil of the sugar to them, rub together GENTLY for a few seconds and then wipe it off. Or you can mix a little of each in a small bowl (you want a smigde more oil than sugar. You only need a little bit of sugar.) before applying to your lips and then GENTLY rubbing them together for a few seconds. A few seconds = 10. You are done, my friend and have super soft and smooth lips to boot!

    PLEASE NOTE: You need to be gentle when doing this. Remember, the skin on your lips is very thin and rather delicate. It can get cut very easily if you are too rough and that's not the object of this process. There is no need to grind your lips together to receive the benefits.

    I like to use brown sugar and mix mine with coconut oil. That way if some of it gets into your mouth, which is kinda inevitable, at least it's tasty. Lol. :D I like to use this exfoliant in the morning right before I'm about to put my favorite lipstick on or I'll do it at night to remove lipstick. As with anything, too much of anything isn't good for you. I don't recommend doing this more than once a day. You can do it once a day or as needed.

    **7/24/10 EDIT: One of my readers from the very beginning, Udee, left a comment saying she uses a toothbrush for this. Well, I went out a bought a cheapie toothbrush and used it to massage the mixture onto my lips. PURE SUCCESS!**

    Have a great weekend, kurlies! I'll be trying out a new hairstyle over the weekend. If it goes over well, and let's hope it does, I'll share pics.


    Harlem Loves said…
    i love a good lip sugar scrub. Thanks for the tip

    Great blog too. I'm following you on bloglovin x
    Unknown said…
    I use my toothbrush. No lie. Every morning. Then I rinse it out with scalding hot water. Works like a charm...
    Da Jadedpoet said…
    I need to do this I was about to try out sea salt and coconut oil because I don't keep sugar in the house LOL. My lips are parched its insane!! Mos def i'll be on the toothbrush TIP! :-)
    LazyCouchPotato said…
    I use to exfoliate my lips, but I found that using a high quality lip balm over night is tons better for me. In the morning, I wip it (and dead skin) off with a moistened washcloth and my lips are so much smoother this way.
    Unknown said…
    Thanks for the tip! Tried it this morning and will def keep it in my routine. I'm certainly going to get a toothbrush for future uses. Thanks for sharing!
    The Naturalista said…
    I also use a similar scrub for my body during the summer. I put a nice smelling oil in it too.