Craving Something New

With fall fast approaching, I have started developing the urge to do something different with my hair. I'm thinking I want to revisit crochet braids for a bit and cut the hair into a style something like below and this way I can play around with color without committing to it for real just yet.

Tanika Ray
[Image from FuckYeahNaturalHair]

I might do it soon because I need to let my hair rest some... Or maybe I'll try mini twists again? I haven't done them in a while. Maybe my hair looks better in them now. We'll see.

I just crave an even more carefree hairstyle for a bit.

Waist Length Challenge Updates are coming! I just have to get everything together and take my own length check pictures. I meant to do it this weekend but I was out enjoying life and the beautiful weather.


oo crochet braids have always interested me. which ever you decide, make sure you put up a lot of pictures!
...ALLmEYEne... said…
I've been wanting to my color my hair for the past 5 weeks now. I tried a rinse, but of course my hair is too dark. I'm thinking I might try something (a demi-permanent) out this weekend while visiting family.
monique said…
I've been waiting to see the updates for the WL challenge---i was going to send an email but i was like im sure she didnt forget shes the one who made the challenge!