Petroleum Jelly Without the Petroleum?

Image from Carol's Daughter

I haven't been following Carol's Daughter lately (I've never tried any of the products) but I was reading MopTop Maven's interview with Lisa Price, the creator and owner of Carol's Daughter. She mentioned one of her products called Body Jelly. It's a bio product (I've taken to calling natural ingredient products "bio" products. That's also what they are dubbed in Europe.) version of an ol skool favorite, petroleum jelly.

I was sad to part with it when I found how bad for you it was because it was a hair care and skin care staple for me and my family; pretty much ALL black people! Back in the day, nothing could beat it. It kept your lips from getting chap and kept moisture locked into your hair and body for days. Nothing has kept my feet softer, than some good ol petroleum jelly (and socks worn overnight). So imagine my delight when Lisa started talking about this as one of their popular body care products [in the interview].

Haven't decided how soon I'm going to get it though b/c the mixtress in me wants to try to make my own version. Chicoro (EDIT 8/24/10: I took the original link away from Chicoro's name because people are saying fotki is giving them viruses. I talked about this months ago but thought it was just me. Anywho, the link is safe now and directs you to her website.) has an un-petrolateum jelly recipe she makes herself and has great success with.

The Deets:
Product Name: Carol's Daughter Body Jelly (16oz)
Price: $15
Where to Buy: Carol's Daughter boutiques (NYC), Select Macy's,


vonnie said…
I just bought some of that, it's quite nice, I hope that it'll be a staple skincare product for the winter! Keep me moisturized and all
is where I talked about it
Balls Of Beauty said…
u can also check on where they have gift sets and cd products cheaper too!
Tiffany said…
I swear sometimes blogland reads my mind. I was just thinking I need to get some skincare goodies in here for the fall. I may try a DIY as well, or I may even give Carol a play. We'll see.
Anonymous said…
Warning: there's a really bad virus on fotki, computers crash just by visiting it. I clicked on Chicoro and my anitvirus warned me, and there's a thread on LHCF where many people have said goodbye to their computers...
Anonymous said…
Tried it 2 winters ago, nothing special. Hope you have better luck than me.
bl.anderson said…
I recently purchased this product and it does work great but the smell is horrble.

Ditto to the virus on fotki, I got hit a few months ago.
BlackPearl said…
Oh No!!! I love Petroleum Jelly!!!! :( But I do want to try this Body Jelly-I'm obsessed with moisture!! :) Let us know how it works for you!
Shirls said…
I agree with bl.anderson, it smells pretty bad but works overall. great post.
feel free to visit my blog