Product Review: Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer

Remember this was on my wish list? Tracey, the creator and owner of Bee Mine Products, was kind enough to gift this to me to try. Thank you again, Tracey! (I have the 8 oz size, which in a regular instance when I would pay, costs $18)

It's a light cream and smells heavenly: light and lemony. It scores MAJOR points in my book because it's glycerin free. Most of you that have been with this blog for a while know, my hair all but hates glycerin and only tolerates it in small amounts (It used to like it a lot in the past but now it hates it.). So any moisturizing products that are without glycerin are products after my hair's heart. I use this cream as needed to keep my hair soft and moisturized. I just have to be careful not to get too heavy handed with it or my hair can feel a little greasy. A little goes a long way with this so this 8 oz jar should last me a while. There's a huuuuge possibility that this will become a staple.

Please note: It does have hydrolyzed wheat protein as one of the ingredients. It's towards the end of the list so this means there is not a major concentration of it. This is a light protein so for the protein sensitive, if you use it daily it could leave your hair feeling hard. I will not make definite statements, because it may or may not do this for yours. Everyone's hair is individual.

It also scores bonus points b/c when I first started using it, I had done a henna gloss a few days before. Well, something was off with my recipe some kind of way b/c my hair felt weird after it, not soft, light and fluffy like normal. This cream was the only thing that kept my hair soft and from drying out. Nothing else I tried worked (not even my beloved Shea Moisture Conditioning Milk) and my hair was feeling hard and dry. So this cream "saved the day". Dare I say that I just may like it a little better than the Shea Moisture Conditioning Milk.

I just purchased their [Bee Mine Products] Deja's Hair Milk today (I'm thinking that it could/would work well with the hair cream and as a leave in as well.) and eagerly await its arrival. Uh oh.....  Oh yes! Lol.

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Disclosure: This product was given to me for free, however, I was not paid to do this review and am not affiliated with this company. Whether I pay for a product or not, I will share my honest opinions. I don't bash products because I am quick to remind you all that just because a product worked or didn't work for me doesn't mean that it will or won't work for you. Please use my reviews as my opinion and as a loose guide. :D


Anonymous said…
Hi Milan! I love Bee Mine Products and Tracey is awesome. I believe she makes great quality products and gives excellent customer service. My staples from her line are the Nourihing Shampoo Bar, the Luscious Balance Cream, and the Curly Butter. These products help keep my 4b hair hydrated, strong and healthy.Thank you, Tracey! :)
1xellus1 said…
Thank you so much for this review. I have been wanting to try these products for a minute. Particularly for my daughters. Sticker shock! I'll get over it. LOL
Milan said…
Xellus: a little goes a long way with her products so the initial amount you pay stretches out over the months. I think they are worth it b/c she could make this product cheaper but the integrity of the ingredients would go down.
Tiffany said…
Her customer service is ON point, I hear this time and time again. I'm glad to hear it's still great. I have to give her another play.