On the Wish List: AfroVeda Ginger Root Hair Pomade

Image from www.Afroveda.com

I've taken a liking to funky, modernized Rockabilly inspired up-do's. My hair can be quite frizzy in the front and I've been on the prowl for a more bio inspired hair pomade to slick the frizzies into submission. I hadn't been on the AfroVeda site in a while so when I popped by, I was thrilled to see they now offer a hair pomade. (The law of attraction is too cool!)

I plan to get it once I take these crochet braids down about a month from now and do a review. Have any of you tried this product?

AfroVeda Ginger Root Hair Pomade
Price: $7.50 (4oz)
Where to Buy: http://www.afroveda.com/


Shawnystheone said…
I was NOT impressed. It was more creamy than pomade texture. it worked but not enough for a repurchase. Seeing how Mala changes up things, the scent and texture might be different now; it was a creamy brown pomade lightly scented with ginger
Shawnystheone said…
I forgot the link , not sure if she has changed the formula because now that I look , this jar is different than the first one i purchased

Tamia said…
Pomade, duh! I've been wearing a retro-ish pompadour off and on for the last week or so, and felt like my hair needed something to make it slicker. Thanks for the rec.