Accessories That Can Mac: Make It Happen

So you can look fly in these pieces! I'm so excited about this. These styles are, seriously, only for the bold and unapologetic. Check it out.....

I don't know if you can tell but these earrings are connected by two chains so that they are earrings AND a necklace too! How sick is that?!

The creator, Rebekah Christie, says some of her inspiration for creating the line was from being broke. A move from Philadelphia (,PA) to New York City influenced her to think about her career goals more. Since she wasn't working at that time, Make It Happen was born and has been growing ever since.

There type of woman to rock these pieces must be vibrant and love color. A woman of any age, from 25 to 50 (and beyond if they wanna) can appreciate these styles and wear them with all the swag they can dole out.

When asked about her brand's philosophy, she had this to say:

"I try to make individual pieces, literally. I purposely buy limited supplies because of that. I love knowing that there's one of what I have and I will never see anyone with it. Since I started making accessories I have geared toward that and only that. I truly have unique pieces that you will not see in stores."

I bought this pair and I absolutely adore them. I get compliments on them and stares (of admiration in my head) when I wear them. [I'll share pics of me in them soon.]

If you love attention and drama, these are sure to suit you well. Let's support each other and keep the money in our community. Quality, black owned businesses rock! For the amount of detail in these earrings, they are very affordable. I didn't see any styles over $30. Visit her e-Boutique to see for yourself and tell her AGrlCanMac sent you.
Make It Happen

Coming Up: Pics from the Naturalista Tees photo shoot last month and a special announcement.


Ooh, these earrings are fiyah!

Thanks for posting. I'm on my way to check out the site...
beautiful me said…
I think I just fell in love!! That Jewelry is fire!!
bold bold BOLD!!! i love it