I'm Diggin Her Hair

I luv this song and the video is dope. Ne-Yo really channeled Michael Jackson in this vid and I liked it! This video gets extra stars because the one dancer has awesome natural hair.**10.29.10: You guys are the best. Some comments below informed me that this fabulous kurly miss is Ashley Everett. Apparently, she dances for Beyonce a lot.** Just WAIT till my hair is this big and obnoxious. You aren't going to be able to tell me ANYTHING!


Danie said…
Isn't that the girl that used to dance with Beyonce...Look at the single ladies video, isn't that her?
Anonymous said…
Oh, that's Ashley Everett. She's a featured dancer in Beyonce's Single Ladies video. Love her or hate her, Beyonce featured many naturals in her recent I AM tour and in many of her music videos for the I AM album. Truth be told, I follow Beyonce news simply to see these ladies' hair. Guitarist Bibi McGill, and background vocalist Kai Hicks (appears on the South America leg only) both wear big natural Afros. Bassist Divinity Roxx and drummer Nikki Glaspie both wear locs. Dancer Saidah Fishenden sports a TWA and is featured in the Sweet Dreams video alongside Ms. Everett. Dancer Kimberly Gipson wears a huge afro and can be seen with Ashley in the Ego video. Here's a
video giving you a closer look at
the three natural dancers' hair,

Anonymous said…
How do we know her hair is NOT really a weave? They have "natural-looking" lace wigs out there. See that's the thing about Hollywood, everything isn't always what it appears to be.
Milan said…
Eh, Anonymous, we don't know but I'm still diggin that hair!