My Hair Affirmations


If you know anything about the law of attaction, then you know that your thoughts are very powerful. Whatever you think about, you attract. Your thoughts have a frequency and if you truly believe, the universe has a way of making it happen. The law of attraction is REAL ladies. Almost anything I've set my mind on, has come to me. Rather it was good for me or not is another story. Lol. That is why you have to be very specific with your thoughts and what you want before you send them out. Of course, you must do your part to help make things happen and truly believe that some way and some how, they WILL come into fruition! I'm claiming and sending these hair affirmations out into the universe and I know because I have sent them out that they WILL happen!

In what's left of 2010 I WILL:

* Achieve APL length hair when stretched by simply continuing to take care of my hair how I do now

In 2011 I WILL: 

* Have healthy, BSL length hair when stretched by Summer 2011 or sooner

* Have healthy, MBL length hair when stretched by December of 2011 or sooner

* Be able to gather my hair into a sizeable ponytail

* Treat myself to a service at Khamit Kinks natural hair salon :D

* Finally give Kinky Curly Curling Custard and the Knot Today a try

* Find a way to be a distributor of some natural hair care products like  Bee Mine Products and our sponsor, Sweet Nature by Eddie!

What are your hair affirmations?


Unknown said…
I sooo agree in terms of being specific with your thoughts/intent. Wnt to try bee Mine soon as I'm done with all of my products.
GG said…
great advice. The only thing we are truly limited by are our own thoughts. Using affirmations and visualization are key components to goal setting. It takes some practice but it's a worthy practice to apply to everything we do. I wish you the best on your journey! I'm with you. My goal is WL by the end of 2011 and i've tied some other personal goals to this as well.
Tiffany said…
I have to agree with you. I've also heard that writing your aspirations help too. My biggest hair goal is figure out a routine that works for my little girl, I'd like her to have pigtails in 2011. My own hair has been good to me so I'll try to keep it happy. I'd also like to come up with a kick@ss recipe I can share to save some naturals some moolah. Good luck on your goals.
Faces by Tamara said…
Great Post. I"m going to write down some hair affirmation myself
My simple affirmation for the rest of the year is t learn to do a proper head wrap :-)