What I'm Buying This Weekend

The weekend is here yet again, yay! I have some things in mind that I want to buy this weekend and it certainly doesn't hurt that yesterday was pay day either. Lol. I thought I'd share with you what I have plans to get:

1) Shea Moisture Curl & Hold Smoothie: I've heard such great things about it and since it's glycerin free, I'm really interested in trying it. It could do my hair well for helping lock in as much moisture as possible for the cold months ahead.

2) Jane Carter Wrap & Roll: I want to experiment with flexi rod (which are next on my list) sets and want to give this more natural setting lotion/mousse a try. Kimmaytube liked it and our hair textures and densities are similar. While that is no guarantee that it will work fabulously for me, I'm hopeful that it may work well for me too.

3) Flexi Rods: I think most packs have 6 in them, so I think I would need about 3 or 4 packs.

Is there anything you will be getting for your hair this weekend?

PS (I promise the giveaways are coming soon. I just have to get everything in order. I'm excited about them.)


AdeDoyin said…
I have the curl smoothie, just got it last week. I so love it. It actually has helped to define my curls and it locks in moisture great!
Unknown said…
Sounds great!..... I noticed you stated that your hair does not care for glycerin. I was wondering if you could share,how did you realize that glycerin was not your friend. How did it affect your hair. The reason why I am ask is that I'm beginning to think glycerin is no longer my friend, as well. My hair has been acting up lately when there is glycerin in my products. I am aware of the affects it may have depending on the humidity, but I am not talking about glycerin in that form. It seems my hair just does not like glycerin not matter what.

Take care:)

Lady Jaye said…
Yayy!!!! I just bought it....in Minnesota!!! I live in Pa in a place where Target is not too accessible, so I was in Minnesota for the weekend, found a target and just HAD to get the curl smoothie and the shea moisture milk. Smells heavenly, and I already like the smoothies for my twists - tried them on one of the twists on my head, and i liked the results, lol.

Altho - it has glycerin in it, I remember you writing somewhere that you don't like glycerin.
Milan said…
Sure zainab1. If it's in high concentrations in products, it makes my hair feel very sticky. No matter how little I use, my hair started to feel like it had a "film" on it. It was so not the business. My hair only tolerates it in small doses. It has to be at the very end or very close to the end of an ingredient line up in order for it to "play nice" with my hair.
Milan said…
Lady Jaye: Hmm... The ingredient line up doesn't show glycerin on the Target website. I'll have to check the jar. If it's closer to the bottom of the list, I should be ok. My hair will be fine if the concentration of glycerin is low.
i am in love with shea moisture. for such a great product to be only $10 is a blessing. i put it in with my kimmaytube leave in or just to add moisture. no glycerin = great product for winter!

vetty said…
Still have my hair in kinky twists, so I may be washing them this weekend or next weekend. Need to have such styles in my hair so I don't buy anything else lOl.
Anonymous said…
Lol, I just bought those 2 exact products today at Target! Looking forward to your reviews!
Alta Angel said…
I was thinking of replacing Giovanni Direct Leave In for the Curl Enhancing Smoothie as the leave in portion of my Kimmaytube leave in during the winter months. Looking forward to the review.
Lady Jaye said…
so now I am confused. does it or does it not have vegetable glycerin - cos the ingredient list on mine says the smoothie does have vegetable glycerin. do i just have a weird smoothie?
Todra Payne said…
Hey Girl,

I got a shipment of natural hair care products in the mail today to feature for Christmas shopping on my Facebook videos. Have you ever heard of Blended Beauty? Have you done a review of them?