Eco-Chic: Natra Care Natural Ultra Pads

I paid Whole Foods a visit, on a lunch break, recently when I stumbled upon this buy in the health and beauty section. You all that have followed me for a while now know that I'm enthusiastic about living an eco-chic lifestyle as much as I can. Since using the Diva Cup (click on it to be taken to my review), I no longer use tampons or commercial pads but on the last day of my cycle, I don't always want to use the cup so it's nice to use these eco friendly pads by Natra Care.

Landfills are polluted with tons of our personal, feminine care products that are made up of plastics and other synthetic materials that do not break down easily. You know that stuff ends up in bodies of water, right? Water, that while is does go through a rigorous purification process, is water we drink every day, right? Disgusting, right? I'm just keeping it real with you all. Lol. Natra Care's feminine products are made with natural materials, over 90% biodegradeable (and compostable under appropriate conditions) and are free of plastic, chlorine and perfume. Even all the packaging is biodegradeable and/or recycleable.

So are they good? I only use them on the last day of my cycle, which is my lightest day, so absorbency and things like that are not a major concern for me anymore. I still wanted to share with you all because it could be a great natural alternative for many.

Give it a try. They come in all absorbencies and with or without wings. Natra Care also makes natural and biodegradeable tampons and other feminine care products. It also doesn't hurt that a woman created them. Who knows us and what we need better than another woman?

Natra Care Natural Ultra Pads
Ingredients: Cellulose from wood pulp, organic cotton, corn starch
Price: $5.99 (for 14 pads)
Where to Buy: Whole Foods, Wegmans, and many other retailers. Check out the rest on their website.


mickybelle said…
Have you done a review of the Diva cup?
luv-4-self said…
The Diva Cup is one of the best things that happened to me this year!! I think I will also check out the Natra Care for the last day of my cycle as well! Thanks.
Editor said…
I saw the diva cup in whole foods. I kept wondering if that thing actually works. A lot of women I'm sure are curious about it but who can you really ask that will be straight up with you about it? I think a review is in order?
Halibel said…
I, too, heard about the Diva cup....a couple of my friends use it. I may want to try that in the near future....or at least these natracare pads. But I dunno if any wholefood stores remotely close to me. lol :(
Candice said…
I've been wanting to try the Diva cup but, it just seems like it would be too complicated. Lol! I do want to try it though. I will probably try the NatraCare pads also.
MrsLilRaven said…
She did a review back in March...the link is in this post.

I love my diva cup..I've been using it(not this brand but a similar one) for about 3 years now
Todra Payne said…
Never heard of the Diva Cup (silly name, but whatever) until now. I feel so behind the times. I am moving near a Whole Foods in three weeks. I'm going to see if they have them there. Thanks for this awesome post!
Editor said…
Thanks MrsLilRaven, I completely overlooked that.