Essence Hot Hair Special Issue

I'm so late on this but it's pretty darn good. The issue is packed with a plethora of inspiration and dope styles. There is something for everyone: relaxed, afro textured and everything in between. They talk blow outs, straightening, locking, twisting, weaves, wigs; you get the jist. There was also a great piece in there about picking hair styles that flatter your face shape. I think Essence did a great job of including a wide range of hair textures and styles. I've already seen some styles that I want to put my spin on. I hope that they do more of these.

Did any of your read and/or buy the issue? What do you think about it?


Anonymous said…
might have to check this out!
TrendySocialite said…
Yeah I bought it...loved the styles and a couple of the articles were ok as well. But I'd buy it for the styles.
I borrowed it from a friend and I thought it was mediocre.

If you are really on your natural hair game, you learned nothing.

Nice styles though.
Anonymous said…
I stole my mom's copy... It was better than I expected it to be. I enjoyed it.
Anonymous said…
I mainly liked the hair styles. I already knew most of what they wrote.But it's still better than what I expected, a good round-up for those who may be new to things.