Hairstyle of the Week

Yes, ya grl wears glasses. Lol. I used to dislike how glasses looked on me and pretty much only wear my contacts but I am starting to like this pair on me. I've had these frames for years and am just now appreciating them. Glad I didn't give em away!

With my jam packed schedule and uber busy weeks, I've taken to styling my hair into styles that last up to two weeks and require no manipulation or maintanence besides fluffing it some in the morning. They are protective styles that don't sacrafice "preserving the sexy". I, affectionately, call these types of styles "get up n go hair". It's fab.  I've taken a liking to 2 strand flat twists and have been doing them like crazy.

I rocked this style all this week. I have 2 strand flat twists on both sides of my head. The rest of my hair is in medium to large twists that I then pinned up. I got the inspiration for this from a style that YouTuber, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol created and did a tutorial on.

These 1-2 weeks hairstyles are working for me because by the time I'm sick and tired of a style, it's time to take it down, wash my hair and start all over again. It's become a fun game for me to devise what hairstyle I can create to wear for the next upcoming week or two. This method is working for ya girl! I plan to alternate this method with wigs and buns also. Hair should be fun. :D


1xellus1 said…
Cute style! I love eyeglasses! I've wanted to wear them since I was a lil' girl. Now that I "need" 'em, it's just for reading. :O) Thanks for sharing
Content Blogger said…
I am loving those earring girl. LOVING.