I Just Bought a $20 Comb!

I didn't think I'd see the day that I'd purchase a comb so expensive. I recently bought the Magic Star Jumbo Rake comb by Hercules Sagmann and am waiting for it to arrive. I did my research on this comb and I've heard nothing but great things about it on the hair forums and on YouTube so a review will be in order in the near future. I bought it because it's seamless so it won't snag or snap your hair strands when detangling and it also reduces static on your hair. More details to come.

Any of you have this comb?


Dylana Suarez said…
Sounds great! Hope it really works since you paid $20 for it!


Looking forward to the review. Ipurchased the Ouidad, another pricey comb, and love detangling with it.
I hope that it is a magic, frizz fighting comb for $20! Girl you are crazy, I just hit up the dollar store.