Mixtress Chronicles: My Latest Oil Mix

I realized that all summer I had been abandoning my beloved oils. I know, what's up with that, right? But now that it's not so warm out anymore, I am crawling back to them. Lol. 

When it gets cold, I bust out my castor oil because it's thick and is really good at helping my hair retain moisture in the cold and dry months. It also gives my hair a fabulous sheen; it's not even a joke. Once it gets warm though, it's too heavy so I put it away. I have found a way to use it all year round and I'm so silly that I didn't do this earlier: mix it with lighter oils to thin it out, duh! So that's what I did. Here's the recipe to my latest oil mix:

* 2oz Castor Oil
* 2oz Grapeseed Oil
* 2oz Coconut Oil
* 5 drops of Tangerine Essential Oil for a little scent

These three oils are my favorite oils. I also like avocado oil and sweet almond oil but they are not as cost effective as these three oils are so I do not buy/use them frequently. I use this mix for sealing my hair especially after I've washed it. I'll spritz on some of my hair mist (water, aloe vera juice and grapeseed oil) and then seal with this mix (first) and a little bit of a hair cream. (I do all of this in sections, of course.) This combo has my hair feeling nice. ;D

What oils do you like to mix together?

Next mix up for me is my homemade conditioner (post coming soon!). My lovely Yes to Cucumbers conditioner is running out and I wanna go back to making my own conditioner.


Todra Payne said…
Girl, if I used anything with oil on my hair (in small doses, on my scalp is okay), I'd look like somebody stepped on my hair. LOL Oil eradicates my curls, causes my hair to draw up to about an inch from my head and refuse to do anything until I WASH IT OUT.
Oiling hair is the most important task for maintaining long and strong hair. As we all know that if you want to keep our hair break free, oil it regularly. Oiling hair will also help us relax after a long day. Massaging hair is a popular stress buster. I also like avocado oil.
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Runnergirl said…
where do you buy your essential oils/ fragrance oils. Is it the oils that you find at african stores? i would like to mix some with my shea butter to change the smell.
Milan said…
luvshea: I get my essential oils from whole foods. If you are into the more natural ingredient scene, then be weary of fragrance oils. Many of them are synthetic; meaning aint nothing naturally occuring about them. But if this is of no concern to you then fragrance oils can be a more affordable option for you b/c essential oils can be pricey.
Runnergirl said…
Thanks for responding it definitely helped.
Anonymous said…
I like to mix water, glycerin, avocado oil, jojoba oil and a few drops of tea trea oil. Moisturizes great, gives lots of body and shine.