Twists Maintainence Tips

As you all saw in the most recent post, I did mini twists again.... and disliked them again. Lol. Besides my latest mini twists fail, many of us kurlies turn to twists, be they large or small, in the cold months to manipulate our hair less and help it retain more moisture. Below I've shared some tips on how to maintain your hair while in twists.

* Keep your twists stretched and prevent them from getting flat over time by wrapping them each night before bed. Naptural85 has a great video on how she maintains her miny twists for 4 weeks at a time. In the vid she shows how she wraps the twists at night and how they look when she takes them down in the morning. CLICK HERE to see it and subscribe to her (let her know AGrlCanMac sent you!) if you aren't already. She has a great spirit and I've learned a wealth of information from her.

If you have longer hair and don't have the energy or enthusiasm to wrap your twists, braid them in sections before bed to prevent shrinking overnight.

{Image from Natural Afro Hair}

* Wash your twists in sections like you do your loose hair. I couldn't find a video for this so I will briefly describe it:

1. Braid the twists into desired amount of sections.
2. Wet hair and focus shampoo on your scalp, massage well and rinse
3. Optional: apply leave in conditioner or whatever leave in you like
4. To stretch your twists back out, because they more than likely WILL shrink, air dry them by braiding the twists in sections or wrapping them.

* Daily moisture is up to the individual. Some like to lightly mist their twists daily. Others will apply a little hair lotion or butter to it. It's really up to you and how often you will be, if at all, washing your hair while in twists. If you plan to not wash your hair while in the twists, it's best that you limit what you put on your hair daily to prevent build up.

Happy protective styling!


MissBrandiss said…
Thanks for the tips. Im one week in on my mini twists. I vowed to never do them again, but I kinda like them :)
Milan said…
Hahaha. Brandiss girl, you are hilarious. I'm sure they look great on you.
Thanks for the tips. I've been struggling with mini twists as well...even though I think my hair is pretty thick when out, the twists lack volume and look too thin for me to wear out. Oh
Coilybella said…
Such a great Post. I personally like to tuck them in as my hair just generally retain moisture better that way.

Anonymous said…
Love your blog but the link you posted said the video has been removed by the user. :(
Anonymous said…
The thing about braiding your twists in sections is thatthey get that crimped look which sucks if that's not what you're going for.