Battle of the Conditioners: Aubrey Organics vs. Yes to Cucumbers

Both of these conditioners rock my world.  A week or so back, I didn't have enough of my Yes to Cucumbers conditioner to condition my whole head and had to condition the other side with, recently purchased, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner. It was the perfect set up to have the two battle it out. I applied what was left of Yes to Cucumbers to the left side of my hair and the AO Honeysuckle Rose to the right side of my hair.


* Consistency:
Yes to Cucumbers has a wet, creamy consistency (it's thinner and lighter in weight than AOHR)
AO Honeysuckle Rose has a thick, cream consistency

With both, a little goes a long way. I did find because the AOHR was thicker that I had to use a little more of it though.

* Slippage:
I think because Yes to Cucumbers has a wetter consistency, it is a little more slippery. My comb glided through with a tad more ease on my YTC side. My AOHR side could match the YTC slip if I mist my hair with water first before applying.

* Scent:
I'm not a perfumier in the likeliest but both have nice scents that are light and aren't too strong or nauseating.

* Price:
YTC about $10 (16.9 fl oz)
AOHR about $10 (11 fl oz)

* Ingredients:
YTC is just. .4% (99.6%) shy of being an all natural ingredient product.
AOHR has 100% natural ingredients, is vegan friendly and biodegradeable.
Neither product does animal testing.

I like that the Yes to Cucumbers has more slip and is more cost effective. Aubrey Organics can have the extra slip that YTC has if I mist my hair with water first before applying though. I like that Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose has 100% natural ingredients and is biodegradeable. Both leave my hair feeling and looking very soft, moisturized and pliable.

Who's the winner? What a tough decision! Ok, I think if I had to choose just one...... I'd declare the winner........ AUBREY ORGANICS HONEYSUCKLE ROSE CONDITIONER!

There you have it folks. Even though the YTC has a little more slip and looks to be more cost effective, products with more or all natural ingredients and are biodegradeable is important to me. Please note though, that just because I deemed the AOHR the winner, in my book, doesn't necessarily mean that I will use it more though. I usually use conditiones interchangeably. Until the next battle, stay naturally fly kurlies.


Unknown said…
I love honey suckle rose just purchased it and so far I'm loving it.
Anonymous said…
I love AO HSR. I used a AO HSR/EVOO/Honey mix as a leave in the other day and my braid-out was super moisturized and super defined. Next time I try the mix I'll add some aloe vera gel.
Cassie-Alexis said…
AM I the only one that hates AO HSR? I bought it because of all the hype buuuttt i didn't have any slip and it just made my hair sound rubbery when i would smooth my fingers down my hair shaft...hmm...weird