Black Owned Beauty Supplies Aren't Just a Figment of the Imagination

Brenda Carter, proud owner of Symmetry Beauty Supply Boutique in Lakehurst, New Jersey; wants to let you all know that black owned beauty supply stores do, in fact, exist. I couldn't be more excited. Symmetry is the ONLY black owned beauty supply in all of central and southern New Jersey. Wow. The shop is 6 months young and has been receiving a very positive response in the community. Their product offerings include but are not limited to: Mixed Chicks, Miss Jessies, Jane Carter Solution, Hair Rules, Carol's Daughter and much more. There are testers for many of the products sold, so that you can try before you buy. How many beauty supply stores do you know that do this? My thoughts exactly. Another cool point: they host various beauty workshops and seminars. They hosted one for natural hair last month. If you are in the area, stop by. I plan to visit in the near future. For questions, email Brenda at

Symmetry Beauty Supply Boutique
9 Union Ave
Lakehurst, New Jersey 08733
Facebook: Symmetry Beauty Supply Boutique


Sadly enough, I do not know of any black-owned bss, especially in my area.

I am thrilled to see this. Blacks are the number one buyers in the hair business but own only a negligible amount of the products and businesses.

I hope we see more stores like this popping up in our neighborhoods.