Current Hair Thoughts

This pic is so dope, I made it my background on my computer. It's called AphroWoman: Attributes by an artist named CHD:WCK! Click Here to learn more about this work of art and the artist. I saw it on, great place for kurlspiration and style inspiration by the way, and dug around for the deets on this piece.

Anyhoo, I'm going out of town tomorrow for the Holidays (hip hip, HOORAY!) and don't really feel like putting much creative energy into my hair. I want to be able to enjoy my family and not be deliberating over how I want to style my hair b/c the options are limitless and stump me at times. I need simple and focused. I'm thinking:

A 2-strand, flat twisted up-do......


Just rocking a donut bun the whole time I'm there

Both are cute but I think that flat twisted up-do is gonna win. It is the least maintenance out of the two and I won't have to put it up, take it down and re-moisturize daily. Sounds good to me. I'll share what I come up with. And I still owe my length check pics. I made APL you all! I'm just too lazy right now to edit the pics. At least I'm keeping it real with you all. Hahaha. I'll do it over the Holidays since I'll be vegging around. I have some product reviews to put up as well. Stay tuned!


~EssenseVibez~ said…
i have the blue aphro woman on my background---inspirational!!
BeesOHoney said…
The artwork is fly, there's so much about it to appreciate. Happy holidays!
Congrats on making APL ;-)

And I feel you on wanting to be easy-breezy for the holidays.

I think I'm gonna rock some curls for the entire week and just go with the flow...
CHD:WCK! said…
thanks for the link. much love. i'm glad the work resonates.
Milan said…
Yes. Your artwork is amazing and as you can see you've got many that are diggin Aphro Woman!

Happy New Year everyone!