Hair Goals for 2011

Some say it's silly to have goals for something as insignificant as your hair, I say "what's it to ya?" - Me

Many of us hair enthusiasts include our hair into our goal planning for the year. Do we want stronger hair? Healthier hair care practices? Longer lengths? Growing out the relaxer?

My hair goals are very simple for 2011. I simply want BSL (bra strap length) hair (when stretched) and to be able to rock a full bun (I can do one now but it's puny.) by the summer time. I think that's it. I've come to terms with my hair's thickness; that I don't have it (lol) so there's no point in chasing after thicker hair. Either you have it or ya don't and it's quite alright either way. I've just reached that "ho-hum" nirvana when it comes to my hair now. I think that I've cracked the "code" on it [my hair]. I enjoy and accept it for what it is, condition, wash, moisturize, and style it in the styles that suit me (and that my current length can accomodate) and keep it movin.

I love and enjoy hair but I don't make it or let it be the bane of my existence. There's a whole world out there and I want to be in on the action and adventures.

What are your hair goals for 2011? Any of you doing anything special for New Years? I had planned to till I looked at my bank account this evening. Lol. I'll prob just chill with family. That's never a bad way to bring in the new year. :D

If you going out, be safe and have fun! Let's get it poppin in 2011!


Kitshara said…
Happy New Year Milan! I hope you achieve all your goals for 2011, hair related or otherwise.
Mavis said…
Happy New Year. Hope you achieve your goals for the coming year.
Anonymous said…
My hair goals for 2011 is to complete my transition by Nov 25th (two year mark) & to reach APL when stretched, currently collar bone length after a fresh trim ;)
I wish you all the best with your hair goals! :)
Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
1) Stick to regimen and protective styling.
2) Master flat twists.
3) Solidify staples.
Milan said…
Happy New Year ladies! Thanks for chiming in and sharing your goals. Keep em coming!