This pic makes me miss my fro something serious! Can't wait for the spring so I can unleash my fro again. I've decided to not really have it out in these cold months. I've banished  it to protective styles: retro up-dos and 2 strand flat twisted up-dos have been my weapons of choice as of late. I'm falling really hard for 2SFTU's though because I can keep them in for at least 2 weeks, my hair looks good everyday, they don't take long to create like braids or mini twists and I can just get up and go; no fuss or muss. I'm excited that I reached APL earlier this month so I'm revved up to get BSL by the summer sometime. I actually like up-dos and my hair flourishes with protective hairstyles so it works for me.

PS (I bought a new product: Darcys Botanicals Peach Kernel Curls (?) Milk. I'm trying it out and once I've used it some more, I'll be back to review it.)