Book Worm: Piece of Cake

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I got a Barnes & Noble Nook for Christmas. :D I'm still a ride or die library girl but e-Readers are da bomb dot com (yeah I said it) and space efficient when it comes to traveling. I had been meaning to read Piece of Cake: A Memoir for a while now and decided there was no time like the recent to download it for my plane ride back from Cincinnati to NYC last week. Cupcake (La'Vette) Brown tells the story of her life and, yikes, what a journey she's been on. She's now a successful lawyer and travels all over the country giving inspirational speeches.

I'm about a third of the way into the book and all I can say is WOW. The writing is raw, gritty and poignant; no sugar coating anything. Cupcake gives it to you straight with no chaser; like how she saw it and lived it. Her life was turned upside down at the young age of 11; I mean really eff'd up. I keep thinking this book is fiction but it's not! So far, the message I am receiving from this book is 1) cherish your family- you never know how much time you have left to spend with them 2) how flawed the children services/foster care system is especially back in the 70's and 80's and 3) children can live through just about anything no matter how horrific at times; its in man's innate nature to survive.

My final thoughts on the book once I've finished it. If you've read the book, share your thoughts, well some of them anyway. We can discuss more once I've finished.

Grab a copy at your local library, download it on you e-Reader or buy it brand new or gently used here:


Anonymous said…
Ohmigosh! I loved this book. I checked out from the library on audiobooks and shared it with my kids (14 &17). I had to keep telling them, this is real stuff. My 14 yr old is still asking me for more books like it. I'm not sure the foster has improved much. She's one of the reasons I'm back in school now. Regardless of our past, we're in control of our own destiny.
sarah said…
i read that book a couple of years ago. it is real! i hope you enjoy the rest of it, although i should warn you that the latter parts of the book really drag.

i am also a library girl. nothing like holding a book in my hands. AND i just got a serious bookcase, so no e-readers for me.
luv-4-self said…
I read this book a couple of years back with my bookclub and I found it extremely disturbing. It was difficult to swallow the fact that this was non-fiction and actually happened to someone. But it did make me extremely THANKFUL for everything that I have and I now realize that most of my trials are extremely trivial and that I shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Oh yeah, and anything is really possible.
I read this book a while ago as well and loved it! Since reading it and Midnight by Sister Souljah, I havent fount a good book to read lately! But if you guys havent read Midnight its a must-read also another one called Jason and Kyra!