How to Set Hair Goals- My Opinions on Them Anyway

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All of us hair crazed, blog, Youtube and forum junkies usually have goals on top of goals on top of goals for our hair. We've been exposed to the black women with the "mythical" long and pretty kinky kurls hair types from tight coils and kinks to loose waves, the common sense "secrets" of excellent hair care and growth and now we're ready to get in on the action and have us some hair and lots of it (usually that's the case anyway).

My overall shred of advice is to not drive yourself crazy with your hair goals. Set goals that are challenging but feasible. Example; if you are just learning your hair and the fundamentals of good hair care practices, it's a bit lofty to create a goal of BSL hair in a year from now when you currently have ear length hair and an average (6 inches per year) hair growth rate. A more feasible goal would be NL (neck length) or SL (shoulder length) hair a year from now.

The key to achieving your hair goals is to create smaller sizable goals, I like to call them stepping stone goals, to attain them. Example; early 2010, at shoulder length (when stretched), I decided that I wanted to grow my hair to my waist (which I rethink almost everyday....) in its stretched state. My hair grows the average 6 inches per year. With my hair growth rate in mind, I divided this ultimate goal into smaller goals: APL by Dec 2010 (which I achieved!), BSL by the summer, MBL by the end of the year, and WL some time in 2012.

See how breaking my ultimate goal down seems less intimidating or more feasible? Now obviously within these stepping stone goals, I have work to do to make sure that I maintain my length to attain them like keeping my ends sealed, hair moisturized and employing the use of protective hairstyles. But you get my drift. Goals within goals. This is how it works best.

Not a length crazed addict like the rest of us????
Maybe your goal isn't length. Maybe you want your goals to be centered around your hair's "health" (I put that in quotations because since hair is technically dead, can it really be "healthy"? Lol.). First, I would recommend pondering what is healthy hair to you; what does it look like to you? After you've conjured up what healthy hair is to you, then assess what kind of goals would get you there; creating a new hair regimen, washing hair more or less frequently, moisturizing more or less, using different/better hair care products etc.

I hope this was helpful some. Hair is supposed to a small factor in our lives that is simple and fun, not the bane of our existence or the overall value of it. We have so much else to live passionately for and give thanks for. Set goals that challenge and excite you not ones that stress you and you don't truly believe in.

Cheers to everyone reaching their hair goals they've set for 2011! Let's goooooo!


I agree. I only pick my goal on a step by step situation. Last year I was collarbone length and I got to APL, that was my goal. Now this year 2011 my goal is BSL and I think I can reach it because I was actually full APL last year so by the end of this year I should be able to reach BSL, I really only need 3 inches more to be BSL. So I'm really only obsessed with step growing, once I reach one step I move on to the next. I change things up too, like this year I'm all about the Ayurvedic treatments, last year I was all about raw organic stuff.
A Simple Thing said…
I think that's really good advice - I'd especially highlight the 'reasonable' aspect of it. I'm doing the 2012 Waist Length challenge with you, but I have to accept that 1)my waist is further down than some people, so it's going to take me a while longer, and 2) I like fiddling with my hair, especially scissor wise, making me prone to breakage.
Thus, I'm not going to keep *all* of my length :)
Congrats on APL
Very good sis!

wait... are you telling me that there are people out there that arent length addicts? NO WAY!!
Anonymous said…
GREAT POST! I couldn't agree more!