Ms. Lala Talks Twists and Maintenance

Kurlies, I'm so determined to get twists working in my favor again. I'm so determined because my hair thrived on them last winter and I'm still chasing that "high" from my first set of tiny twists I ever did last year. CLICK HERE to see how beautious that set was. I want that set again! My hair is still thriving now but I like twists dag nabbit. And this 2 part vid that LaLa from NaturalHairGrowth101:, has me thinking about giving a go at it again.

Think I'm gonna try a set again very soon and make them small, like 6-hours-to-complete-small. But if I can get them to last about 3 to 4 weeks, it will be worth it. Shoot I even had to look at an old video of MINE to see what I did that had my one set of tiny twists looking so good. Lol. Thank goodness for documentation of what I do to my hair.