On the This Week's Hair Menu

Throwback! This was me back in the day when I had my fresh TWA and was brand new to the Natural Land. :D

Today, Tuesday, on lunch: Buying Bentonite clay, to try it out this weekend, and re-upping on aloe vera gel

Sunday morning:
- Trying out the bentonite clay! I will definitely be doing a video on it.
- Making my favorite conditioner recipe with the aloe vera gel I bought on Tuesday
- Try the Kinky Curly Knot Today that my friend gave me as a LEAVE IN (I know you're thinking, but Milan, it IS a leave in. I didn't read the bottle right and used it as a detangling conditioner. I ruffled some feathers on the vid I did of me trying it on Youtube. Lol.)
- Roller setting this bish :D

What's on your hair menu?

On my future hair menu = when my eco styler gel is used up, I'll be making flaxseed gel. I'm getting back on my mixtress tip.


Anonymous said…
My 2nd henna gloss treatment is on the hair menu for this weekend. I'm super excited! Do you still henna?
Focused said…
i thought the knot today bottle says it can be used as a detangler? i've never tried it as anything but a leave-in though.