Product Review: Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating Lotion

I am always striving to live or a more eco and health conscious lifestyle and use more "natural" ingredient containing products. While visiting my family for the Holidays, I needed some lotion. I went to Walmart and noticed that Jergens has a line of Naturals lotions. I think they're trying to recoup some of their dollars lost of from this new movement towards healthier ingredient products. Who can blame them, right?

I purchased the Ultra Hydrating, which is 95% natural ingredients, one b/c my skin, is dry (except for my face which is oily) and that's the one I used to use, back in the day, in their original/regular line. What are my thoughts? I like it. I use it how I use my lotions of choice for my body: after I shower, I immediately apply coconut oil to my skin first and then put lotion over top. The result is baby soft skin. Jergens was my favorite lotion brand when I was ignorant to healthier product ingredients. When I become less ignorant about the latter, it broke my heart that I had to quite their shea butter one; that was my jam-no dry skin in sight even in the coldest of winters! But I digress.......

Now, I'm not getting it twisted. There are definitely better lotions out that are dedicatedly down for the healthy ingredients and eco friendly cause. No where does it say that this product is biodegradeable and even though it's paraben free, it contains some debateable preservatives like phenoxyethanol. I think that you gotta start somewhere though. This could be a good gateway for those new to more natural ingredient products and who's funds are low or are on a tight budget. This 16.8 fl oz bottle cost me no more than $5. Some people really don't have $12 to spend once a month per 7 fl oz bottle of Karen's Body Beautiful Body Lotion, especially if they're stocking up for a whole household. You know what I'm saying?

I will still use my "natural" lotions mostly but it's nice that I have a little better of a drugstore lotion choice when I'm in a pinch and don't have access to the lotions I normally use.

Have any of you tried the Jergens Naturals line of lotions? What do you think?


Elegance said…
I actually put this in my hair! I started using skin creams in my hair a couple of months ago and I find they work better than any other moisturizing product. I only use brands like Jergens Naturals because it doesn't have mineral oil. So my hair is only slightly oily after, but not greasy, very soft and pliable. It's transformed my hair and it stays moisturized so much better now. Plus it really defines my curls too!