Can You Fail at Maintaining Afro Textured Hair?

Yours Truly circa fall 2009

Sure you can. You can fail at maintaining relaxed hair, wavy hair and any other kind of hair. I think the failure with caring for afro textured hair comes from a lack of information and lack of determination and patience to continue trying things till you find what works best for your hair. A lot of people want a quick fix, quick answers, quick solutions and quick results. My first year of being natural was all about experimentation: trying out different products, hairstyles, techniques and methods to see what I liked and that my hair responded positively to. It took me about a year and some things I'm still playing around with. It will take some people longer or less than I took to figure things out. When it comes to any aspect of your life, you have to take things as guides and based off of those guides, find what works for you. We are not cookie cutter beings and are all made in the many facets of God's image. That's why it's great to have hair inspirations and all but at the end of the day, you've got to love your hair for what it is and do right by it so yo can inspire someone else to do the same.

Check out this recent article on Curly Nikki: "Is It Possible to Fail at Natural Hair?" It inspired me to give my brief two cents on the topic. What do you think?


Velma Williams said…
I failed in taking care of my natural hair (when I had one 2 years ago) and I'm aksi failing with it relaxed :(

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Anonymous said…
I have a friend who is failing to take care of her natural hair. She's always trying to figure out how to "train" her curl pattern or "loosen" her curls. I believe part of taking the natural journey is learning to love you for you...accepting who you are regardless of what others may think. Some people aren't ready for that and may not be ready to be naturally themselves--in more ways than one.