My Thoughts: Naturals Need Tougher Skin

Kurlies, and I may not even be really talking to my faithful kurlies; because I like to think that like attracts like, but for those new to my blog and my philosophy: we have to have a tougher skin. What do I mean by this? I mean that we can't wear our hair the way we do seeking approval from anyone outside of ourselves. This goes for any way you choose to wear your hair, honestly.

Not everyone likes afro textured hair. It's the truth. Not everyone will agree with your hairstyle decisions and methods. They just won't. But who cares? If you keep living for other people, you'll never be happy because they can always find something new that they don't like about a you, an event, situation, etc. Seeking outside approval is a never ending hampster wheel. It's imparative that we drop this heightened sensitivity towards anyone who isn't pro natural hair. Real life lesson: You can't and you won't please everyone so don't stress yourself trying.

So what some rapper said in a verse that we need perms. So what? Chances are the rapper that said that, we wouldn't even want within thirty feet of us anyway so why do we let his opinions hold any real weight? That's his opinion and he's entitled to them just like we are entitled to our opinions that we, indeed, DO NOT need perms. There are tons of men who love women with afro textured hair so date those guys, marry those guys. Be your own cheerleading stand; don't hold auditions for one. At the end of the day, outside of God, you are all you've got.. Your success and wellness is on you. No one else (again, outside of God) can provide that for you.Wear your hair however you want to wear it because that's how you want it.

Be you and despite the flack some may give you, be unapologetic about it.

Stay naturally fly :D


So so true! We need to stop being preoccupied with everyone else's thoughts and opinions and just be US! Great post :)
Jc said…
Lovely post. The only person who has to live with you is you. We would all be so much happier if we relaxed a little and accepted that we are who we are.

Loving the upbeat attitude!
pulchri2dinous said…
I love this post.
Elegance said…
Good advice! Plus, with so many women going natural they will get used to it and even like it after a while. I mean I went from not liking natural hair in the past, to loving it, going natural for almost 3 years, to gasping with awe at the beauty of huge natural hair! With some of the Youtube tutorials, I don't know how you can look at those beautiful women with gorgeous hair and not find them attractive!
Flowergirl said…
Elegance, I co-sign on this 100% and I'm 2 yrs strong YESSSSS.
Kenya said…
i'm gonna print this out and tape it to my bathroom mirror because I say this to myself all the time but you have said it eloquently and effectively(: