PSA: My Blog is from My Perspective

I have many opinions on things but just because my opinions do not jive with others I DO NOT get emotionally invested in their choices unless they are choices that are based in something negative. Example, while I can't knock anyone's hustle or means of survival, I will not condone selling illegal drugs that ruin people's livelihood, families and communities. I will not think that I am above that person but I will not support their actions either.

Bringing it back to the blog. I may talk about things that I dislike that some of you like or things I like that some of you dislike. I've stated on here countless times, do what works for you. My goal is always to provide information and inspire people to come to their own conclusions. Because it is my blog and written from my point of view, my opinions will be incorporated in things. So if you are sensitive to thoughts other than your own on things, I suggest you not read this blog.

I know, my regular readers are like, where is this coming from???? I've had some recent posts that were interesting to say the least but I'm putting it out there that this blog will not please everyone and I do not aim for it to please everyone b/c it simply is inhumanely possible. So this is AGrlCanMac, take it or leave it. Either way, I'll continue doing this until I no longer enjoy it (which I hope doesn't happen).

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging now. :D