Straight Natural

Many of us rock our kinks and koils straightened for the cold months. Check out this tutorial from JerzeyStylezz: on how to straighten natural hair.

I semi-straightened my hair back in December but now I think I'm ready to full out straighten my hair and see what I get. Funny thing is, I will probably do pin curls and (try out) bantu knot outs for body and texture. Lol. I wrote this post a while ago (scheduled it for release today) so I may have straightened my hair by the time this posts. Be on the lookout.

And remember, just because a kurly straightens her hair doesn't mean she hates her original texture. It just means she's blessed to be able to "have it all". :D Stay naturally fly.


Moni said…
I had my hair straightened this weekend for the first time in almost 3 years (this month!) of naturalness and definitely won't be doing it again anytime soon. I think the stylist used way too much heat and definitely wasn't aggressive enough with the trim (my only reason for having it straightened), because I've been search and destroying more splits all week! My hair is really long, almost at the band of my bra, but just looks boring and generic to me.

The other irritating thing was other people's reaction to it. I get plenty of compliments on my own hair, but EVERYONE complimented the straight hair. One person even had the nerve to say it's "a keeper". Umm, no it isn't my natural hair is a keeper. If anything, this experience has shown that I definitely won't be going back to the perm, as I just don't think straight hair suits me anymore.
Milan said…
I luv your hair Moni. That sucks that the stylist didn't clip all the split ends. At least you were able to recognize that and mend the situation. Girl, I still haven't fully straightened my hair. It's like as fast as I get the urge to do it, it passes. Lol. My straight hair is nice but I guess at this point in my life, I just prefer it more textured. Like you, I think it suits me better. I have a feeling I still won't be straightening it till the end of this year to see if I reached MBL.
Moni said…
Thanks! I love your hair too! It has evolved so much since I first started reading your blog. I decided that I couldn't go through all the hassle (and potential damage) of having it straightened and still not have a proper trim, so I made an appointment at the Aveda school to have it trimmed tonight. I figured it can't be that hard to just trim it while it's straight.