Too Lazy to Straighten Up

Back in my TWA days (Jan or Feb 2009) :D

Kurlies, I can't bring myself to straighten my hair, not because I'm afraid of heat damage. I can't bring myself to straighten my hair outta sheer laziness. Lol. Yea, you read right. Everytime I say I'm going to straighten my hair, I get lazy and decide not to. Usually the farthest I'll get, is blowing it out; sometimes I don't even get that far. Hehe.

By the time I'm not lazy enough to go through with it, it'll be too hot and humid for it to last. Watch.

Such is life.

Stay naturally fly.


I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to straightening my hair too. I usually would flatiron, but number one my hair is thick and coarse and for it to come out decent-looking I have to flatiron very small sections at a time. And I rarely have the patience for that, lol. And number two my hair doesn't react well to being flatironed at all. It feels dry and straw-y whenever I flatiron. It's definitely like my hair's rebelling against the straightening! LOL. I think I may try rollersetting one day ... :)
Anonymous said…
Haha, me too! Since the beginning of the year I said that I wil straighten. Well guess what, I can't even bring myself to buy the flatiron. Too lazy to go to the store!!
Unknown said…
You've got a fellow lazy natural here. It's cool outside-- the perfect time to wear it straight. But have I made an effort to find a stylist to cut my hair and straighten it for me? No... ask me in two weeks and I can guarantee nothing has changed!
Butterfly73 said…
OMG..thought it was only me. I just did it for the 2nd time in like 4 months...laziness i tell ya
You are not alone. One day, I'll stop being cheap and just pay somebody to flat iron it because that will be the only way it will get straight.

I haven't done it out of pure fear!!