Don't Sleep on E.L.F. Studio Collection Brushes

For the few dollars they cost, E.yes L.ips F.ace make up brushes are good. I like their $1 brushes but am now digging their studio collection so if you're feeling shi-shi, you can upgrade to their studio collection of brushes that are a whopping $3 a piece.

I have the studio collection blush brush and their eye shadow brush and I like them both a lot. The studio brushes boast soft, synthetic bristles (which means no animal cruelty going on) and ergonomic handles. Next time I am in Target, I plan to get the powder brush, complexion brush and contour brush from the studio collection.

All of these brushes I've talked about and many of the $1 brushes, I use in my professional make up kit. You read right. I beat clients faces with $1 and $3 brushes! Use what works. Sometimes cheap works, sometimes it doesn't. In this instance, cheap is working for me. :D

Check out this vid below. You can get the whole set of studio brushes for just $30! I plan to get two of these: one for my kit and one for my personal use.

You can get E.L.F. brushes at your nearest Target:, if you live in NYC: Jack's 99cent store (only the $1 ones though. They don't carry the studio collection.), or online at


My Natural Me said…
I am in absolute LOVE with ELF brushed. I just tried out their bamboo collection and the are okay too. Runs about $5 or a little more in some cases. I love love LOVE the Studio Powder Brush! It does wonders. I think I will be picking up this entire collection soon. These have become my staple. I am trying to get my hands on the stipling brush, but they are always out of stock.
Daree said…
This is right on time Milan! I thought I was gonna have to pay at least $30 for a new (decent) set. Can you do a vid on how to use each type of brush? A few of the ones in the pic don't look familiar.
Milan said…
Yes ladies, these brushes rock! Daree, I will keep that in mind to do a vid when I get the set. :D
Kd said…
Yes, do a vid. A friend convinced me two weeks ago to not use m fingers, and since then I am obsessed with brushes. I am going to pick these up today!