Giving Glycerin Another Try???

I'm contemplating giving glycerin another try. I read an article over at The Natural Haven: about glycerin and vegetable glycerin. The end of her article read: Can glycerin absorb water from your hair? There is no evidence of this when using glycerin mixed with water. In theory glycerin prefers to hang on to water therefore once mixed with water, it is in its most stable state."

Please notice that this last part said when using glycerin mixed with water. If you use glycerin alone or without water present then this may not apply. So, when mixed with water in a spritz, I should be good? I want to like glycerin again. My hair used to love it. Maybe it was not the glycerin that my hair hated but the other stuff that it was mixed with? Or maybe it was another product that I used that didn't jive with it? Maybe it's fallen out of its "I hate glyercin" phase?Who knows. I may be open to giving it another chance but we'll see.


MissNIa said…
You too?? My hair thrived over the summer with my glycerin spritz!! Winter came and it was a wrap!! I've read that glycerin may dry your hair out during the winter months. Hoping that's the case because my hair felt like silk when I used my spritz now it feels like brillow! I'm also going to try my spritz again now the this cold NY weather is finally starting to taper off.
Anonymous said…
I used to think my hair hated veggie glycerin. I tried it in a spritz and I hated the way my hair felt (sticky and gummy). I played w/ proprtions of water:glycerin and it didn't help.

With that sadid, my fave leave in (Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque) has veggie glycerin in it. Another leave in I like (Alba Botanica Leave In Conditioner) has veggie glyverin in it as well.

I think my hair likes small amounts.
naturallady said…
I was the same way but three months ago I gave it another try, and mixed with the right things it does wonders with my hair. I use my same mix as a leave in and a spritz when I retwist my hair. Give it another try.
Anonymous said…
I too gave up on using glycerin in my hair. I bought some from my local wholefoods store and mixed it with water and and an oil. I can't remember what amounts I used, but I felt that sticky gummy feel too. Completely gave up on it but do use Oyin's Honey Hemp Conditioner which has some glycerin in it, I think!!