Mixtress Chronicles: Made My Own Hair Wash

So I really wanted to try the Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash and had added it to my hair wish list. When I read the top two ingredients in the hair wash were aloe vera juice and clay minerals, I couldn't justify buying it right away because I have both in my home right now. So I tried to create a comparable mix to get the same effects and I think I just might be onto something.

What I Used:
* 3.5 heaping Tbsp Bentonite clay
* 1 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar
* 1 Tbsp Grapeseed oil
* 1 squirt of Honey
* 5 fl oz Aloe vera juice
* Water - kept adding till a thin paste consistency was achieved

I had a lot left over for future applications. I simply stored in a cool, dim area in my bathroom. ***EDIT 3/27/11: Upon further observations, I do not recommend you storing left overs unrefrigerated and for longer than 2 weeks. You run the risk of it molding. I either recommend storing it as I just shared or lessen the recipe so that it can be used up in 1-2 applications.***

O. M. GEEEEEEE! The results were nothing short of amazing. I may have eliminated another step in my hair washing routine: ACV rinse. When I rinsed the hair wash out, my hair felt so soft n smooth like it does when I do an ACV rinse so it wasn't necessary. So now all I need is this mud wash, no ACV rinse needed.

{Braid Out after using my homemade hair wash}

My hair felt so good, all I did was air dry my hair in braids with just my shealoe mix. When I took the braids down in the morning my hair felt NICE; it was so soft, moisturized and had a great sheen to it. In the future, I think I still may add a leave in but it's nice to know I don't neccessarily need to use one for soft and hydrated hair results.

Maybe I don't need to get that Terressentials one afterall.....


Anonymous said…
What's crazy is that I was just thinking about this product! I'm so happy that you put up a recipe but I have a question: Is aloe vera juice different from aloe vera gel? Is it just the gel that's been strained?
Anonymous said…
Great post...This mix sounds awesome! I wanted to try this wash too but didn't even think of making my own. Im gonna try this, thx =)
Kitshara said…
This sounds like a great mix. I've always wanted to try clay but wasn't sure how to use it. You mentioned that you had some before putting together this recipe. How did you use it before?
This so inspiring!!! I've concocted a few things myself & this will definitely be added to the "To Do" list!!!

Hope you don't mind me sharing this on http://www.facebook.com/SouthernNaturalistas/
Anonymous said…
It's awesome that you made it. Go Milan! Haha
seriously? Ok - I'm trying this one first thing tomorrow!